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1856 Buford Highway
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Duluth, GA 30097

THe Digital is a division of Computer & Control Solutions, Inc. (CCSI)

The Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printing System is the market leader in fine art reproduction. Our pricing is competitive and our systems and components are state of the art. If a system is not in your budget at this time, however, we can do the printing for you.

Our Service Studio can print beautiful high resolution giclée prints of your fine art or photos on watercolor paper or canvas using waterproof and archival inks and media while you peruse the many options for purchasing a Digital Painter system of your own.

My Painting? In the Water? You’re Crazy!

We have heard that one before...but we're not crazy!

Our exclusive waterproof canvas and watercolor papers offer long term resistance to light, moisture and heat as well as providing excellent color fidelity. The painting in the aquarium is fresh off the printer. No sealants or coatings were used. And it's not just waterproof for the few minutes it takes to shoot a picture. We've left paintings in there for several days...even weeks...with no deterioration in image, paper or ink quality.

You don't have to take our word for it. Test it for yourself. Call us or e-mail us now to receive samples of this fantastic system's output.


Art courtesy of: Design Concepts Unlimited Inc.

For the past year, the Digital Painter system engineers have worked diligently to answer the market's need for a state of the art giclée printing system.

Part of that solution involved integrating new printing technology with current computing technology. Our new printers, the GicléeChrome 4C and the GicléeChrome 6C print at 1440 dpi on many types of media in four or six colors with archivable pigmented ink and positively NO VISIBLE DOTS!!!

Check out these new systems here!!

What is The Digital Painter?

The Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer represents the most exciting digital imaging breakthrough of our time! This incredible system allows you to transfer your photos or original art directly to canvas, vinyl, and numerous other media types as well! The system is fun, easy-to-use, and potentially highly profitable!

The software used in the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ is a recent breakthrough in graphics printing technology. Recognizing the application potential for this technology, we began designing a graphics system with a clear goal in mind: to create a large format digital giclée printing package that

• is versatile. The Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer prints on a variety of media.
• is easy-to-use. It requires only basic computer skills.
• has fast image processing. The system begins to print within seconds.
• has powerful image editing tools.
• has high-quality image reproduction.
• is expandable. It expands to 12 printers and more.

During the research and development period, we realized that the printing supplies we needed to reach our goals did not exist. So we developed our own in collaboration with ink manufacturers and chemical engineers. Several hundreds of man-hours of research and testing resulted in specially developed print media and inks. The print media, ink and software work together to give the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ the ability to reproduce images and fine art with vivid contrast and color fidelity.

After 2½ years of development and over a year of refinement, we introduced an easy-to-use, quick and reliable large format digital printing turnkey package, the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™. We have continued to refine and enhance both the hardware and the software to remain on the leading edge of this technology.

As a business opportunity, the market for the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ has hardly been tapped. The actual cost of finished prints varies from approximately $.50 to $2.00 per square foot depending on the print media used. Based on those numbers, a 24" x 30" (5 sq. ft.) print will cost from $2.50 to $10.00 and can retail for $60 to $150! Nice profit margin, wouldn't you say?

The Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ can be set up almost anywhere. Think of the possibilities: malls, trade shows, conventions or anywhere people congregate. Portrait studios, art galleries, copy/print shops, picture framing businesses, even department stores can use the services the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ offers. And these suggestions are by no means all of the options. With your imagination and the power of the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ the profit-making opportunities are endless.

You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity and be one of the first to get into this newly opened market.

Please call 1-800-55TECHNO so that our team of experts can supply you with the necessary equipment to launch your new high-tech venture.