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The Digital Painter SideKick™ Print Management System is designed to facilitate multiple printer support and stand alone background printing for all of the Digital Painter workstations.

The SideKick™ Pro has a built-in Pentium processor, RAM and hard drive and connects to The Digital Painter workstations via 10 megabit/second EtherNet connectivity. As many as 256 SideKick™ Pro printer units can be daisychained to accommodate large volume production.

Over a year of study and research in the art and framing market as well as valuable feedback from our Digital Painter customers has gone into the design and development of this truly automatic production tool.

The program is very simple to use and requires no computer skills to operate. When running in the automatic mode, the SideKick™ Pro requires no operator at all!

Tell the system what kind and size of media is loaded in the plotter and the SideKick™ Pro will queue all the jobs according to the media. The system then prints the jobs in order and, when it is finished with that job run, prompts you to load the media needed for the next job run.

If you ask for multiple copies of the same job, the SideKick™ Pro determines how many will fit across the width of the media and prints accordingly saving money and time. If you print on single sheets, it will pause between prints and prompt you to load the next sheet. If you send a job that is wider than the loaded media, the SideKick™ Pro will stop printing and prompt you to load the correct media. This feature alone saves mountains of money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.

The program will automatically remove the oldest jobs when the system needs the disk space. No need to tie up your graphic designer's time and the workstation's resources to resend jobs. What if the customer wants more prints? No problem. Click on the old job button, find the job, change the size or number of prints and add it to the current job queue. You can change the size, number of prints and the borders right from the SideKick's™ screen.

With one Digital Painter workstation operator and one low cost printer and SideKick™ Pro operator, you can run a 12-printer production workshop. Can you really make big money in your business without SideKick™ Pro? Many pioneers in this business thought so at the beginning. But when their business got hot, they soon discovered the true answer. Luckily, some of them found out about the Digital Painter and the SideKick™ Pro package, converted over and now run multiple printers with ease but without adding to their overhead costs.

The SideKick systems facilitate multiple printer support and stand-alone background printing.

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