Graphics Tablets

All Digital Painter workstations are configured with Wacom® Intuos 4X5 or 6X8 graphics tablets. We ourselves use Wacom tablets in the office for production art and web site construction. We emphatically recommend Wacom tablets and accessories for any and all graphics applications.
What is Intuos?Now available in USB. Wacom

Let's begin by telling you what Intuos is not. It's not just a graphics tablet-it's the first professional graphics tablet system on the planet. With Intuos, Wacom has developed a system of integrated tools engineered to work together seamlessly, in the most intuitive way possible. Everything about Intuos is designed to give you the control, precision and flexibility you need to capture your creativity, without compromise. At the heart of the Intuos system you'll find the elegantly designed Intuos tablet. Like all components of the Intuos system, it's ergonomic design is based on years of researching how creative professionals really work. The Intuos tablet is matched with the accuracy and precision of the pressure-sensitive Intuos Pen. This ergonomically designed pen boasts 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, for smooth curves, gradual transitions and precise control. With it you'll paint more intuitively, illustrate with more freedom and edit images faster than ever before.

Intuos is also the first graphic tablet system that lets you customize your personal design environment. Each Intuos Pen and accessory features ToolID™, so they'll always remember your preferences and work together seamlessly. Discover the super-charged Intuos 4D Mouse™, and how it's simultaneous control over x, y, and z axis gives you the power you need for working in 3D space-or for just mousing around. Or add on the Intuos Airbrush - the first true computer airbrush, with tilt sensitivity and fingertip control of ink flow.

While Intuos sets the standard for the next generation of graphic tablets, it still offers all the features you've come to expect in a Wacom. Wacom's limited lifetime warranty is still the best in the business, and Wacom innovations such as the built-in eraser and the DuoSwitch are combined with Intuos's QuickPoint areas and DualTack to create the ultimate system for painting, illustrating and editing images on your computer. Intuos. Nothing else comes close.

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