The Perfect Niche Market

With all this power to manipulate images at your disposal, you may be wondering what to do with it all, other than enlarging family photos and senior class pictures. While those markets are certainly viable avenues, consider the following scenarios.

For many artists, the cost of reproducing their art is prohibitive. Another situation is that some artists don't need 2000 copies of a piece. All they might need for a given situation is 50 or even 10. There's no way to get a lithographer to print just 10 copies! For those artists, and any other who wants a high-quality print of their work in ANY quantity, the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ is the perfect solution for this dilemma. Now artists, new or established, can have their art printed in quantities as small as 3, 2 or even 1.

With the cost to have a piece lithographed hovering in the $10,000-$20,000 range, it makes sense for an artist to consider this service as an alternative to investing so much money...or not having the art reproduced at all. Also, reproducing fine art with the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ provides an added dimension. Since the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ easily prints on canvas, the reproductions look more realistic and more like the original piece. The Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ puts limited edition art production in the hands of the people who created the art – the artists.

Another concept is having this system assist in handpainted art production. How? Using scanned image elements, create the composite piece on the computer scree. Print in faint shades on the plotter and then, using the image as a guide, PAINT by hand directly on the piece using oils, watercolor or charcoal. The marketing approaches are varied. Convert photograph portraits to handpainted keepsakes. Offer the service to the art community. Start a production studio for your own artwork. You can concentrate on one of these niches or combine them into one high volume art production company.

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