The Software Is the Key

An easy-to-use Windows application, the Digital Painter Software is the nucleus of the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™. The software allows you to easily scan and print an image in any size, with virtually no delay from when you give it the print command to when the plotter actually starts printing. Other systems can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to process before the printer starts to print. In addition, our printer is bidirectional, printing on both passes of the print head, which cuts print time even more.

The printer accepts media up to 60" wide (depending on the model) and up to 100' long (on all models), but with the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer's™ tiling feature, you can tile the output to create art of ANY size - even big enough to cover a wall. You can also use the multiple print function to print several copies of an image.

The software allows you to selectively calibrate your printing according to the type of print media to be used. The Dithering Error Diffusion Algorithm in the Digital Painter Software eliminates banding, the visible strips that appear in most ink jet output. Coupled with specially developed proprietary media coatings and inks, the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ produces a high quality image good enough for fine art reproduction.

Designed into the software is a database for customer job tracking and image file maintenance. The software is packaged with photo-editing software that allows you to capture, edit, retouch photos and electronic images. Add shadows, adjust brightness/contrast, calibrate color as well as add and customize text. With the optional special effects package, you can easily add attention-getting effects such as watercolor, charcoal and spatter. Use these powerful, versatile tools to transform any scanned image into artwork unique and meaningful to each customer.