What the Professionals Say About The Digital Painter

Larry K. Martin
Wildlife Artist and CO-Owner of the Wren's Nest Gallery
Anniston , AL
Larry painting at the Mara River in Kenya, 2001


F The fidelity in detail, depth, and tonal gradation, which can make a Giclée almost indistinguishable from the original.

F The option of making a canvas any size for the individual client.

F The open ended opportunity to make even the most subtle changes in each succeeding canvas, satisfying even the most devout perfectionist ( a fault to which I admit ).

F The very practical advantage of one-at-a-time printing, which eliminates the requirements for high-volume inventory.

F And with the advent of pigmented, waterproof inks in DIGITAL PAINTER process, the relative permanence of each canvas is assured.

The DIGITAL PAINTER has completely changed our marketing routine at the Wren's Nest. As soon as I complete a painting, we can go immediately to Giclée production, and offer an edition to our collectors.

PS: "....We have been so impressed with the performance of the DIGITAL PAINTER System, that we purchased a printer and sidekick this year. We have since been able to fine-tune our image files, and are able to provide custom canvases immediately upon demand. The response among our collectors has been uniformly enthusiastic."


"He Sees Red" by: Larry K. Martin, © 2001


As a Wildlife Artist who attempts to achieve highly detailed originals with smooth, subtle tones, I have seldom been fully satisfied with offset lithographic reproductions of my work. My partner in the Wren's Nest, C.D. Hancock, and I have published some 170-200 images over the past twenty-four years. We have learned long ago that each press run would likely involve a few disappointment - some, perhaps, not noticeable to the average observer - but which would leave us with a nagging awareness that all of the qualities of the original painting had not been captured.

Our introduction to the DIGITAL PAINTER gave us a tremendous boost in optimism. The technology that that is concentrated in this system has finally allowed us to feel confident about the reproductions of my work, rather than just explaining that a print is "as close as we could get to the original". I am often reticent about promoting my work, but find it easy to point out the tremendous advantages of our Giclée canvases:






James Lee
Landscape Artist and Owner of
Art & Care and Carol's Art Gallery, Glendale, AZ


Arizona landscape, James Lee© 2000

"I have been painting for thirty years now, and in the past I have only displayed my original artwork. It was very time consuming and the profit from one painting did not compare to the time spent on each piece. Finally I heard about Giclées and decided to try it out. I first sent my artwork to another company to test what my paintings would look like, but I was not satisfied with the picture quality; the output did not compare with my originals. After being introduced to The Digital Painter at the Las Vegas show, I started doing business with them, and was very pleased with their products and their service. The picture quality is great and the colors are exceptional. My customers cannot tell the difference between the Giclées and my original paintings. The prices are also great, so I can sell the Giclées affordably to my customers. Presently I display mostly Giclées of my art work in my gallery and keep the originals, or sell them at higher prices. The profits have increased and I don't spend as much time thinking of new subjects to paint because I can sell the same piece over and over again. I would highly recommend The Digital Painter to every artist who is looking for quality art reproduction."

James Lee