Turnkey Systems: The True Value

OK, we've all seen the long distance telephone service commercials in which the major carriers are all trying to convince you that their service is the best. Basically, there are two different philosophies, or perhaps, types of needs in the marketplace, not just for telephone service but also for computer systems.

You see, we continually get customers inquiring about our technical specs for our Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ systems. Then they usually respond, "I can get the same machine for a lot less at Joe's ComputerMart."

This conversation always reminds us of the various telephone commercials ("we've got a better rate than they have"..."we have better service than they have"...) because the same principle is in question, namely, the difference between cost and value. We have always refused to climb on the bandwagon of offering the lowest price on workstations because we understand the difference between value and price. As an example, which is the better value? A $15 pair of pants purchased at the local super discount store that fades and begins to fall apart after the fourth or fifth laundering or the $50 pair of pants purchased from an upscale department store that can be worn for several years? To some extent the answer depends on how you will be using them. If you need something to wear while working in the yard, the $15 pants would be the right choice. If, however, you were going to a business meeting or on a first date, the $50 pants would be the way to go. So it is with our computer systems. If you just need a machine to play games, go to your local electronics superstore and get some mass produced, shrinkwrapped system at the mass produced price.However, the needs of the clients for whom the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ is intended are very specific. If you intend to make a profitable business venture, you would need a machine that is custom built to suit the purpose. That's when our turnkey systems are your best value. Below are some of the reasons that our systems are worth the investment:

All of our turnkey systems come to you with:

Full Configuration

  • All hardware is properly installed and configured
  • All necessary driver software is installed and configured
  • All software is installed and set up, ready to run
  • The network hardware and software is also installed and setup and TESTED, which can be a very significant time saver.

Full Testing

Every aspect of the complete system, both computers, monitors, network, scanner, and plotter are "run through the paces" assuring that everything is operating correctly. Furthermore, your 2 days of training is actually conducted on your own system using the actual software used during production. This provides an additional QC check and burn-in period. Additionally, we provide you with a backup configuration disk of all your critical configuration files.

Full Training

Our turnkey systems include 2 days of one-on-one training here at our site. This is in-depth training on all aspects of professionally and efficiently operating your Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ system, from priming and calibrating your ink cartridges to scanning, editing, sizing and printing beautiful reproductions.

Full Support

All our turnkey systems include three years free VIP telephone tech support. Our VIP customers receive priority service on all support issues, whether hardware or software related. We will be here with our formidable technical expertise when you need us and since we built the system, we know all the aspects of its configuration and exactly what components it is built from.

With all the computer manufacturers on the market today, we could not possibly know the configuration of the system you bought elsewhere. We feel that it is not fair for us to have to take our time to figure out someone else's hardware configuration problem at our expense just so that we can provide you adequate support on our product...or the complete system.

More Profit Potential

You save valuable production time by getting quicker response to problems that arise from time to time while avoiding any potential for "finger pointing" that usually arises when you configure a system from parts purchased from 2 or more sources.

As an illustration, consider the fact that you can easily net $1000 with our system for a single 8-hour workday. Now, let's say that you had a problem with your system and it took one full workday to determine the precise problem. If you need a replacement part, you must have it sent from the responsible vendor. If that happened just two times over the course of the year that money you saved on the purchase of the system has actually begun to cost you money. When you really sit down and analyze the bottom line, can you afford not to buy our turnkey systems?

Technical Notes

For the technically inclined, here is a more detailed explanation of why our systems cost a few dollars more.

First, the case. We designed our MegaTower™ case with several unique features:

  • key locked front door and side panels (no access without the key) - this prevents theft of your CPU and RAM, two of the most valuable and most easily removable components in any computer system
  • internal power switch and reset switch - prevents accidental power off or reset of the system while in use
  • ample expansion room for more hard drives and other peripherals - a total of 12 drive bays
  • system configured with industry standard non-proprietary parts that can be acquired from any systems vendor anywhere in the world
  • quality name-brand components

Cooling and Air Filtration

Heat is the enemy of all electronic parts and excessive heat forces them into an early grave. That is why our system has three cooling fans (two more than a standard case has) and a filtered air intake. Dust settles on the internal components forming an insulating blanket that traps heat on the chips and boards. The filter reduces this dust accumulation and gives your system longer life.

Two fans are positioned low in the case, blowing cool air directly over the CPU and expansion cards. Hot exhaust air exits through the fan in the power supply which is positioned at the top of the case, taking advantage of the natural tendency of warm air to rise.

High Output Power Supplies

We use 300 and 400-watt power supplies, depending on the model. Why? Power supplies are rated for their specified output wattage at room temperature but, as the system and power supply heat up, their internal temperature rises, lowering the overall efficiency and power output. More power is required for a fully loaded system that is being fully utilized like these high powered graphic workstations. Under-powered systems can work fine for basic word processing and spreadsheet work but can experience system lock ups and GPF errors when subjected to heavier workloads and throughput, resulting in hours of lost work and untold aggravation. Using a high rated power supply is economical insurance against system failure.